Choosing Pavers and Hardscaping Material for Your Garden

Get This Right the First Time

Most garden designs will include some sort of hardscaping.  It can range from a simple stepping stone path to an elaborate inlay patio.

Whatever complexity of the design, it’s important to get it right the first time. Paths and patios often serve as the “bones” or outline of the overall garden design.

Also, these features typically represent on of the bigger investments in your garden, both in terms of labor and money.

Plus they aren’t all that easy to change in the future.

So take the time to get it right from the beginning. Consider how you want your garden to work, how you intend to use it. Look at lots of different designs and materials before you make your final decision.

I like using natural stone. If you have a good stone yard nearby it’s well worth talking to the people there. I’ve found that people who work with a material as difficult as stone are doing it because they love it. And they love sharing their knowledge with someone who shows an interest.

Meanwhile, this video gives you some points to consider.