Design Ideas for Small Gardens

Little Spaces with Lots of Charm

Many gardeners enjoy relatively large lots with lots of room to try out different ideas. Those of us with less space available sometimes succumb to a little understandable jealously.

However small gardens have a charm all their own. And often the overall quality is improved because so much attention must be paid to every detail. When you don’t have space for everything you only select the best of  what you like.

In a small garden it may also become more reasonable to splurge on a “wow” plant or garden fixture or bench since overall gardening expenses are less and the impact of a dramatic piece is increased in a small space.

And let’s not forget another advantage.  All gardens need some maintenance; small ones need a lot less.

Whatever its size, a garden often serves as a place of rest and restoration.  As the gardens here show, the space needn’t be large to fill that role.