Pergola Ideas to Inspire

Which of These Might Work In Your Garden?

As you’ll see in the video below, pergolas come in all sizes and nearly infinite forms. Their versility is hard to match.

While not actually a solid structure, they do create a sense of space.  They can serve any number of purposes and a garden designer surely wants to have these structures among the garden elements they’re comfortable using.

Often, a designer uses a pergola for it’s visual impact.  But their use goes beyond that.

From a functional viewpoint, the slats of a pergola provide dappled shade in contrast to the deep shade under a roof. With careful planning you can control light exposure to a great degree.

For example, if you angle the slats toward the east (instead of having them 90 degrees to the ground) they’ll admit more light in the morning while providing more shade for the rest of the day.

So check out all the great pergolas here and see if you are inspired to add one to your garden.