Planning a Cottage Garden

See the Evolution of a Dull Backyard Into a Lovely and Productive Cottage Garden

While the term cottage garden often evokes images of a casual tumble of flowers close to a charming home, it actually should be a bit more than that.

For one thing, the original cottage gardens were productive of fruits and vegetables in addition to flowers.

Also, the casual look belies careful planning. One should put as much thought into the layout and plant selection for a cottage garden as they would for any other garden.

The transformation you see in this video is absolutely inspiring. It makes you wonder why so many backyards are so dull.

One feature you’ll notice is the use of sedum Autumn Joy. An entire hedge was propagated from one plant. If you can wait a season or two for things to fill in, I can testify that sedums are among the easiest plants to propagate from cuttings and that Autumn Joy is pretty much carefree.